Deer Repellent and Tick Spray Services - Northern Virginia - NoVa Deer Shield
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Welcome to NoVa Deer Shield

NoVa Deer Shield is dedicated to protecting your landscape from deer damage with solutions that are safe for people, plants, deer, pets and wildlife.

Protect your annuals, perennials and ornamental shrubs with year-round deer repellent solutions that deliver results without harmful chemicals.

Enjoy your beautiful landscape, start planting with confidence and get back outdoors again!


NoVa Deer Shield is considered an essential business in Virginia.  We take COVID-19 very seriously and are practicing the guidelines recommended by the CDC.  If you need to interact with our team, we ask you do so via email or phone.  In the event you need to talk to us on site, social distancing will be practiced.  The safety of our customers and employees remain our overriding concern.

Our Services

protect your landscape from deer damage

Spring/Summer Deer Repellent Service

Our Spring & Summer deer repellent program includes an EPA approved deterrent spray specially designed for long-lasting protection.

Picture of shrub that has been half sprayed with deer spray to prevent deer damage

Winter Deer Repellent Service

NoVa Deer Shield’s Winter deer repellent service uses the longest lasting deer deterrent available to protects plants with a deterrent that deer avoid.

Picture of a tick or pest that could cause lyme disease. NoVa Deer Shield's Organic Tick Spray could help get rid of ticks

Tick Control Service

Our organic tick spray is 100% organic and is non-toxic to children, pets, and wildlife.

How We Protect Your Property

protect your rose bushes from deer damage in Northern Virginia
Deer Repellant

We offer comprehensive, year-round deer repellant services to protect your landscaping investment and the effort you’ve made to create a beautiful outdoor living area. Our solutions keep deer from browsing on your plants. They are also safe for your family, your pets and wildlife.

protect your family from ticks with organic tick spray service
Tick Control Treatment

Take control of your yard and help prevent the spread of tick-borne diseases. Our organic tick spray service can help take the worry out of outdoor activities and keep ticks away from your family and pets.

protect your bushes from deer damage in Northern Virginia and Washington Metro DC
The NoVa Deer Shield Advantage

NoVa Deer Shield offers expert advice and support for all of your deer and tick deterrent needs. We serve Northern Virginia.

We have years of experience in evaluating and selecting the very best solutions available on the market today, with a focus on safety. Our treatments are safe for the environment, your family, your pets and wildlife, including deer. We continually evaluate and improve our processes to deliver the best customer service and high-quality solutions every time.

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