Keep Deer Out with NoVa Deer Shield - NoVa Deer Shield
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About Us

About NoVA Deer Shield

It’s hard to enjoy your outdoor environment, or even think about spending time and effort on landscaping, when everything you create can be destroyed overnight by deer. How do you keep deer out?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could protect your plants without harming the deer or anything else in your yard?


NoVa Deer Shield is a locally owned, family business. We help people enjoy their backyards and business landscapes by protecting their plants! When our family was living in New England and our landscape was devastated by deer, we discovered solutions that produced amazing results. When we moved back home to Loudoun County, we realized that Northern Virginia’s deer problem rivals New England’s!


We’re proud to share our proven solutions with you, and we’re always working to develop even better deer related services for your home or business.


NoVa Deer Shield is a certified service provider with Virginia Public Health (8) as well as Vertebrate Pest Control (7D) Certifications.


NoVa Deer Shield is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Loudoun Lyme 5K/10K/1K. (

Judy Loose, Owner

Judy Loose grew up in a family of small business owners outside of Herndon, VA. She earned a teaching degree from James Madison University but always thought about starting her own business. Judy and her husband lived in Connecticut for 15 years, during which time they honed their deer mitigation skills. They decided it was time to move back to Virginia when their daughters began their careers in Northern Virginia.


Upon returning to Virginia, Judy recognized the need for a local deer repellant service and the rest is history. Judy really loves helping people enjoy the outdoor life in a way that doesn’t harm deer or other wildlife.


When she’s not working, Judy finds other ways to spend time outdoors. She and her husband are bee keepers, which is never a dull job. She likes to say, “Keeping bees is like raising girls; there’s always drama in the hive.” Judy is happiest when the family comes together to enjoy dinner, the sunset and stargazing.

Judy Loose