Deer and Tick Protection for Commercial & Agricultural - NoVa Deer Shield
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Commercial & Agricultural Deer Repellent & Tick Spray

NoVa Deer Shield provides deer and tick protection to commercial and agricultural properties such as horse farms, vineyards, breweries, resorts, commercial properties, HOAs.


We have equipment that can cover large areas with organic tick spray in addition to the backpack blowers that we use for small residential and commercial.  We applicate large properties with an ATV with a boom sprayer.


In addition, we find some areas benefit from the use of tick tubes which help to control ticks by killing them at their initial host – mice.

Fields sprayed with tick spray to protect horses and animals in loudoun county

We provide services for commercial and agricultural clients.


  • Natural and commercial-grade deer repellent
  • Winter deer repellent (winter application option)
  • Organic tick spray
  • One-time event spray
  • Tick tubes

Products we use

Deer Repellent:  We use a combination approach to deer control utilizing a variety of commercial grade and all-natural repellents to control deer browsing. The variation in products causes confusion for the deer and they are more likely to move away from your vegetation; training them to avoid the area. The products we use have no foul odors. Some have a light pleasant scent. They dry clear and will not wash off in light rain.


Organic Tick Spray: Our organic tick spray is 100% organic and is non-toxic to children, pets and wildlife. These applications consist of oils, predominately cedar wood oil, that are applied with a backpack blower. This technique allows it to dry quickly and penetrate dense areas. Children and pets can safety return to the yard in a matter of minutes, not days.


Tick Tubes:  In areas where mice are prominent, we find tick tubes provide a wonderful, non-invasive approach to tick control.  These tubes are filled with permethrin-treated cotton balls.  Mice remove the cotton to build their nests. Once ticks on the mice encounter the permethrin, they are killed.  Mice are not harmed; this works much like Frontline for pets.

Benefits of Deer Repellent and Tick Spray


  • Deer repellent keeps landscaping looking beautiful all year
  • By using deer repellent, plants are not always struggling to survive.  They have a chance to thrive!
  • Used correctly, deer repellent trains deer to avoid your yard
  • Tick spray protects you, your family, your animals and your patrons from tick borne illnesses caused from a tick bite
  • Tick applications allow you to enjoy your space without the worry about the pathogens ticks carry

Who we Serve

  • Horse farms
  • Vineyards
  • Breweries
  • Homeowner associations
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Golf courses
People enjoying tick free spray in Loudoun County Virginia

Why You Should Call NoVa Deer Shield


  • NoVa Deer Shield has years of experience controlling deer damage.
  • We are certified by Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in vertebrate control (7D) and in Public Health Pest Control (8).  Continued education is required to maintain these certifications.  Most landscapers do not hold these certifications.
  • We use commercial grade materials that are proven effective.
  • We use a varied approach to deer control, all tested to be effective.
  • We take protecting your plants and family, 4-legged included seriously.  We will not use anything harmful to you or the environment.
  • We are on a schedule, nothing other than rain, sleet, or snow, (and wind) will keep us from protecting your landscape!
  • We are a locally owned, independent family business with a high retention of happy customers.
  • We love deer!  And hate ticks.