Deer Repellent Winter Service - Northern Vriginia - NoVa Deer Shield
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Winter Deer Repellent Service

NoVa Deer Shield’s winter deer repellent service includes the longest lasting deer repellent available on the market today. It protects plants with a strong tasting deterrent that deer will avoid.


When you put thousands of dollars into your landscape why run the risk of losing costly plants? In addition, even gentle feeding on plants prohibits healthy growth.

Deer Repellent for Winter Months

NoVa Deer Shield winter deer repellent service protects ornamental plants by using a commercial grade, one-time application product during the winter months.  Our product is EPA approved and has been proven to work in New England for 50 years.


Created by a nursery owner to protect his stock plants through the winter, landscapers began insisting on applications on their client’s landscapes.  They now apply to thousands of homes.


One Application, 6 Months of Protection

We apply the product in November and shrubs are protected through the entire winter, providing up to 6 months protection.  Unlike other deer sprays that last only a few weeks, our solution does not need to be reapplied in the snow and ice of winter.


Thiram is the active ingredient that makes the plants taste bad and will stop even hungry deer from doing damage. However, thiram leaves a residue on the plants that some people do not like. The formula has recently been improved to provide the same great protection with less noticeable residue on plants.

Certified for Safe Application

NoVa Deer Shield holds all Virginia Department of Agriculture certifications (7D) to treat your plants to protect them from deer.  Not many landscapers have vertebrate certification.


Learn More About DeerPro Professional

This video explains more about DeerPro Professional, the product we use for winter deer repellent service.