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Prevent Ticks in Your Yard this Summer

Tick on plant that needs tick spray service

Prevent Ticks in Your Yard this Summer

Tick Prevention & Your Yard

How can you prevent ticks in your yard?

With the warm winter Virginia had, everyone is predicting a bumper crop of ticks this year. What is the best way to prevent ticks and tick control advice for our yards?

The first step in tick prevention is to set up your outdoor environment so that ticks do not want to live with you. Ticks like shady, moist environments. Look around and try to figure out where they want to live.

The CDC recommends that you create a dry buffer around the perimeter of your yards with mulch or river stones. This creates an area that ticks will not want to cross.

Anything that might hold moisture, like a wood pile, should be on this dry area or slightly to the back edge of it.

Then, leave a 9-foot buffer zone of grass. Place all play and socializing areas inside this zone. Below is an illustration demonstrating a recommended set up.

Illustration showing how to set up your yard to prevent ticks

Other things that help with tick mitigation:

  • Keep your grass mowed
  • Make sure area where bird feeders exist are dry and well maintained
  • Keep wood piles in sunny areas
  • Plant deer resistant plants or use deer repellents

Tick Spray Services are also an Option!

As the weather warms up, we will all WANT to be outdoors.  Protect your family by getting a start on making your yard a safe environment. An alternative options is a tick spray service. Our tick spray adds an extra layer of comfort when looking to prevent ticks in your yard.

Our organic tick spray is 100% organic and is non-toxic to children, pets and wildlife. These applications consist of oils, predominately cedar wood oil, that are applied with a backpack blower. This technique allows it to dry quickly and penetrate dense areas. Children and pets can safety return to the yard in a matter of minutes, not days.

Visit our website here to learn more about our tick spray service.

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