NOVA Deer Shield | Spring/Summer Service
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Spring/Summer Service

NoVa Deer Shield’s Spring & Summer Service provides long-lasting, professional strength protection for the growing season that is also safe for the environment. Monthly applications beginning in March/April will reduce or eliminate deer damage until frost.


Our Spring & Summer program includes an EPA approved solution that is an egg-based deterrent spray. It is specially designed for long-lasting protection with no foul odor. Each application provides up to four weeks of protection that will not be degraded by rain or irrigation, so you can enjoy your gardens without having to reapply deer repellent after every rain storm. Since this is a putrescent egg-based deterrent, it is not suitable for use on fruit trees, herbs or vegetables.

Invisible protection means your gardens look great!

Our advanced sticking agent dries clear and it not only protects plants from deer, it helps to hold moisture in the plant- reducing the need for water and increasing drought resistance during the hot summer months.