NOVA Deer Shield | Tick Service
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Tick Service

With tick-borne diseases on the rise, NoVa Deer Shield offers a tick spray for your yard to help protect you and your family from ticks that carry diseases like Lyme and Ehrlichiosis.


Our tick solution is 100% organic and is non-toxic to children, pets and wildlife.


This proprietary cedarwood oil solution interferes with the tick’s ability to detect food and to reproduce. It creates a hostile environment that drives ticks away and interrupts the egg-laying cycle to eliminate new generations. Consistent application creates a barrier to re-entry and enhances results.

Tick Protection Tips
  • Ticks like shady areas and tall grass. Stay toward the middle of walking paths.
  • Clean up piles of dead leaves and lawn waste, where ticks like to hide.
  • Spray shoes and pants with tick repellant.
  • Dry clothes on high heat for 10 minutes, then wash. Ticks can survive the washing machine.
  • They can also spread to others if clothes are left in a hamper.

While no one can guarantee 100% protection from ticks, our tick treatment can help you provide more effective protection for your family and pets, compared to an untreated yard.


For more information about tick-borne diseases and prevention resources in Loudoun County, visit