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Winter Damage – Ways to Prevent Deer Damage

Deer eating from a bird feeder in a yard often leading to deer damage.

Winter Damage – Ways to Prevent Deer Damage

Tip #1 – Apply a deer repellent in November or December to avoid winter deer damage.

Using a deer repellent that deters deer by taste is a powerful way to keep deer away and avoid winter deer damage. We advise our clients to use a spray with Thiram as the active ingredient. Thiram makes plants taste bad and will stop even hungry deer from doing damage.  A taste deterrent is often used in the winter rather than an odor repellent because odor repellents don’t have the same effect in cold weather.  Our winter spray utilizes Thiram. We spray once in November or December and the spray lasts 6 months.

Tip #2 – If you must have bird feeders, wait until a hard freeze to hang them.

I like to say that bird feeders are like candy for deer. Deer love the smell of bird seed, and it draws them in closer to the lawn. Wait until the first hard freeze before putting up your feeders. This reduces the smell and keeps deer away.

Tip #3 – Wrap shrubs in deer netting or string heavy-duty fishing line around important plants

Using deer netting is relatively cheap and easy compared to putting up a large fence. Plants can be wrapped in deer netting or burlap to deter grazing deer.  Some people use strong fishing line around beds – ideally two or three feet above ground. Deer can’t comprehend the concept of glass and this clear, taught barrier will confuse them and encourage them to leave.  (Just don’t put it in a pathway where they may be fleeing in the first place) This will help to stop deer damage.

Tip #4 – Let your dog out as much as possible – if you have one

Believe it or not, having a dog is an effective way to keep deer away. Their scent and bark are natural deer deterrents which can keep them at bay during the day.  But deer are smart, and nighttime visitations are probable.

If you haven’t protected your shrubs for the winter – it isn’t too late; contact us to learn more!

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